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I'm so very excited, this has been an amazing and thrilling week for Drift Taxi! Both Barry and I have been working our asses off to get our Drift Taxis ready for their first events and part of that preparedness is ensuring we represent Drift Taxi PROPERLY!

Barry has been kicking ass and taking names with his build, as you already know. He's testing out some new vinyl applications and as you can see below, it's going to be SWEET! If he sticks with this setup, he'll have something truly awesome and truly unique!

Really excited to see how this all evolves!

The S600 got some new vinyl of its own! We've added the Drift Taxi logo to it, in black and white (because #classy) and I'll be honest, I'm chuffed to bits about it! I honestly didn't think it'd look this cool but it does! Truly an image after my own heart!

The vanity plates have also arrived! I literally had 3 days until my temporary plates expired so I was thrilled (and relieved) when the vanity plates finally showed up in the mail! I can't speak to how excited I am and I have to convince myself to drive my daily around now that the plates and logos are on! HAHAHA!

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