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New Partner! Apex Visionwerks! Epic Eyewear!

We'll keep it short and sweet! We've got a new partner!

Apex Visionwerks is joining the Drift Taxi project! They bring to the table an insanely fun car culture and an absolutely brilliant product line of eyewear that is sure to please! I picked up a bunch, of their AV Bamboo shades and plan on getting a pair or two of their carbon fibre frames!

Check these guys out and pick up a pair of your own! You'll definitely be glad you did!

We're also going to try sizing up some door vinyls for the S600 Drift Taxi! I really think the Black and White vinyl is going to be the way to go and using a basic and small setup should keep it tasteful yet visible! Super fun!

Here's a quick photoshop-up that I did to size it up from a previous picture.

What do you think? I kinda dig it like that and think it will go nicely but will have to see how it looks in person. I'll push the racing numbers back towards the center of the rear door to help "fill the car out".

We shall see.

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