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Building The Benz - 12 Cylinder Madness!!

So today we take a look at some pics and vids of the current stage of the #22 Drift Taxi, David's Mercedes-Benz S600. It definitely went through a lot of stages in a short time, from open diff luxury car, to welded diff drift missile, to welded diff luxury car again!

Summary of events: The S600 arrives at the mechanic's house, the diff gets welded, they start working on the exhaust but run out of time in the day so David decides to just head home and they can start it all up again tomorrow. The only kicker is, the exhaust isn't on the car. So with a mighty burnout, the S600 heads on in droning, loud, madness.

Day 2 sees us getting the exhaust put back on the car, ahhh quiet again, and a few decisions left to be made. Do we perform a muffler delete and risk having a drony, yet seriously good sounding, car? Do we buy a set of high flow mufflers (or a catback exhaust) and go for a slightly muted tone? Or do we just leave it as is and wait until a drift test is done before pulling he trigger on anything? Either way, it's a good time to be had and it was a good time had by all who helped work on the Mercedes. We also managed, as an aside, to get the WWW.THEDRIFTTAXI.COM decals applied and they look pretty decent! Hopefully this serves as good advertisement for the Drift Taxi project and shows up well in pictures while on the track!



I had planned on uploading a cool timelapse video for everyone to enjoy but it doesn't look like that'll be possible due to the battery dying. Oh well, I hope the burnout and VLOG-style videos make up for it ^_^

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