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Another Drift Taxi Driver?! WHAT?! YES!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Barry Clapp to the Drift Taxi project. He brings to the table over 7 years of drifting experience, nearly a decade of building of race cars both in amateur and professional circuits as well as over 10 years of hosting very successful drift events himself.

The car he's bringing to the table? A 2007 Infiniti M35 aka the Infiniti M67. If you're wondering how it gets the name, the 67 derives from the 6.7L, 408Ci engine he's shoehorned into it. On top of that massive stroker motor, he's bolting a super charger to it!

Yes, he's that insane and he's not just building it with a big motor, he's got the roll cage in, he's massaged a 6-speed transmission into the tunnel and he's welded brackets for 4 perfect racing seats which will be the heart of people's Drift Taxi, experience.

Barry is also with Graphic Effects LLC and BC Driven so if you live in or around the Nashville, TN area and would like to get race decals applied to your car, stickers made for your team, function or event or shirts made up to showcase your idea or charity, he's the one to call! He can also, as you'll see below, build and tune cars with the best of them. Reach out to him (his contact info will be below the pictures) and see what he can do for you today!


Contact Barry Clapp for your Graphics or Race Car/Drift Car needs:


Graphic Effects LLC Facebook:

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