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Hello all and welcome to the official home of Drift Taxi! Drift Taxi is creating and cornering a brand new industry we're calling “Motorsports Entertainment”. The focus of Motorsports Entertainment is more on bringing the joy, laughter, adrenaline and fun of motorsports, namely drifting, to the masses. This will create an avenue into the world of cars and auto sports that is less intimidating, more approachable, and more enjoyable for the average person!

Hey all, this is going to be a thing we do as often as possible now that we have an official brand to represent! Cars and Coffee and other meets/shows will play home to the Drift Taxi alongside motorsports events! I can't wait to get the brand more recognition and get...

So today we take a look at some pics and vids of the current stage of the #22 Drift Taxi, David's Mercedes-Benz S600. It definitely went through a lot of stages in a short time, from open diff luxury car, to welded diff drift missile, to welded diff luxury car again! 


At some point you'd think Barry would just run out of money . . .I guess we'll be waiting for that day, HAHAHA! Until then, I hope you enjoy watching this build as much as I do!

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